Grip-Flex Corporation is the
exclusive distributor of the
Lighted Band Accessories
developed by JF Magic.

We’re proud to say Grip-Flex Corporation
is an American success story...

The idea for Grip-Flex Co. began in the early 1950's when my Grandfather, William J. Lowney, patented an elastic band with steel hooks on each end. This was worn by the military as a Boot Band. Because this band was flexible and gripped the boot, the name "Grip-Flex" was born. The family business was established by this unique item. Building on the success of the Boot Band, we began to make shoulder cords, citation cords, and shoulder knots. First for the military then for school bands, police departments and others. Our company grew quickly as did our reputation for the quality and craftsmanship we delivered in our products.

As the years passed we acquired and engineered the machinery to manufacture the braid used in cords and knots. We also began offering custom braids to the industry by supplying them with flat braids, piping, soutache and other trimmings. We are one of the first companies to manufacture braided trimmings and accessories under the same roof, assuring a color match once placed on a uniform.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Grip-Flex shall continue to deliver products to you which reflect the same quality and service we are known for. We are extremely proud of our past and committed to the challenge of serving you even better in the future!

Michael D. Lowney
Grip-Flex Corporation

The experience to meet
all of your Uniform Braid
and Accessories needs.
• Military
• US Postal Service
• Marching Bands & Corps
• Police Departments
• Security Guards
• Hotels
• Theaters
• And More

All items made in America
to your exact specifications:
• Uniform Braid
• Cap Cords
• Shoulder Cords
• Citation Cords
• Breast Cords
• Pistol Lanyards
• Shoulder Knots
• Epaulettes
• Special Orders

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